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If you have a web site, ezine or newsletter that is baseball or sports related and you want to generate some extra income, consider joining the Affiliate program for "Fix That Glove!!!".  Why not?  It's free, easy to set up and doesn't take long at all.


You really don't even need a web site, ezine or newsletter...just add the link to your email or forum signatures and this will work also.


Just follow the directions below and add the Affiliate link to your web sites, ezines, newsletters or emails and that's it!  You'll then make 50% of each sale.


Become An Affiliate Today And Make 50% Of Each Sale!



Step 1: Sign Up For ClickBank Account

(it's FREE and takes 30 seconds)


If you already have a ClickBank Nickname, go to Step 2.


To join the Affiliate Program, you'll need to be a member of ClickBank and have a ClickBank nickname.  ClickBank is an independent company that handles affiliate sales and payment.


ClickBank has an automated Affiliate System that's quick and easy to use. It will track all your sales for you and email you each time you make a sale.


You'll get real-time statistics so you can login to check the number of sales you've made and you'll be paid twice a month (providing you have at least $10 in your ClickBank account).


Click here to sign up for your ClickBank account and nickname.  It doesn't cost a thing.  Just a few minutes.


Step 2: Set Up Your Affiliate Link

By joining the Affiliate Program, you expressly agree to the Affiliate Agreement. Click here to read the Affiliate Agreement.


After you get your ClickBank nickname, use it to create your Affiliate link as shown below.

ClickBank now provides a lot of good information about hoplinks and how to generate them. It's not bad to read this info...it's quite helpful. Click Here to go to the ClickBank page that has this info that will help you generate your Hoplink.

Click on this link that will take you directly to a Hoplink generator that will generate your encrypted Hoplink. This is a good generator...it allows for tracking information to be entered by you.

To Hoplink Generator


Below is some Hoplink info that I provided a number of years ago, but this is now all taken care by the info that ClickBank provides, as I mentioned right above this. I'm going to leave this info here...it's still valid.



  • Replace AFFILIATE with the your ClickBank nickname

For example, if your ClickBank Nickname is baseball74873, then your Affiliate Link will look like this:




  • You can use this affiliate link in e-mails and web pages as is or as "hyperlink" information linked to text or images.


 Here it is in html for your web page:


<a href="http://AFFILIATE.E50008991.hop.clickbank.net"
     target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>
  • Replace AFFILIATE with the your ClickBank nickname
  • Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image information that you prefer.


Step 3: Maximize Your Sales


If you already have a website of your own, you can easily add your Affiliate Link to it. Each time someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a 50% commission!


If you have a mailing list and regularly send emails, newsletters or ezines, include your Affiliate Link, and whenever someone buys "Fix That Glove!!!" through your link, you make 50%!


If you want to improve your sales, write your own review of the book, recommending it to your readers.


The best part of all this is, you don't have to do a thing! All the hard work has been done for you.


Once you've signed up for a ClickBank account, all you need to do is add your Affiliate Link to your website, email, newsletter or ezine, then sit back and collect the money from each sale that you've made.


Affiliate Resources


You have permission to use the following picture and ad copy to advertise the eBook on your website, newsletter, or ezine.


By using any of the Affiliate Resources, you expressly agree to the Affiliate Agreement.




"Fix That Glove!!!"

Ebook Cover


Text Ad Copy:


"Fix That Glove!!!" will show you how you can easily and quickly learn how to repair and restore your favorite baseball or softball glove.  Don't send your glove away for a week or so for $50.00 or more...do it yourself!


Fix the broken laces and "condition" your glove so that it looks and feels years younger.  More importantly, your glove will last much longer if you know how to fix it and "condition" it with the proper materials.


Fix gloves for kids and adults in your community leagues and make a little money for yourself.  People will thank you over and over again for fixing their gloves and their kids' gloves.  They'll have no problem paying you either.




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