Baseball Glove Repair

Wilson A2000XL 

This old baseball glove is a classic from the late 70's or early 80's.  When this glove was brought to me I was hoping that I could make it useful and look a little respectable.  However, to my surprise, this baseball glove turned out great.  These older gloves never cease to amaze me at how durable they really were...and are.

Just a little baseball glove repair will do wonders!


Before - Multiple Breaks - Very Dry


After - Breaks Fixed and Glove "Conditioned"


Before - Very Dry Leather - Worn Laces


After - Restored Color and Softness - New Lacing


Before - Broken Bridge Lacing


After - New Bridge Lacing


Before - Broken Web Lacing


After - New Web Lacing


That's It!  A Little Baseball Glove Repair Completed!